Settlement name



547 inhabitants


159.91 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 44.033 N, 23.017 E

Height of settlement centre

18 m


Slanotran is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Vidin Municipality, Vidin District, 18 km from the town of Vidin.

Slanotran (with the ancient name of Islanetrane) has an ancient Bulgarian origin and it is composed of two words: "slan" and "tran". The ancient word "slan" means "salt" in relation to taste, smell and other properties of local water and soil. The today’s existing mineral spring in the village meets these parameters. “Tran” is associated with the abundance of low-growing milk thistle on wetland and meadows in the area of the village.

There is a mine for extraction of gypsum near the village.

There is also a mineral spring; its water could be compared with that of Karlovy Vary; it is healing for many diseases: rheumatism, skin diseases, diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs, gastrointestinal diseases, injuries etc.

The landmarks are:

  • Eastern Orthodox Church "Assumption of Holy Virgin" (from 1850)
  • School "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" (opened in 1887)
  • Community centre "Svetlina" (from 1926)
  • Spring (discovered in 1958)
  • Mill (from 1920)
  • Golemiat most (The Great Bridge) etc.

There are several associations of local population:

  • Consumer cooperative “Saznanie” (en. "Consciousness") (from 1920)
  • Society “Association of Wallachs in Bulgaria" (2001)
  • Pensioners club “Mineral Baths” (2009) etc.

Slanotran could develop successfully balneology tourism and seek investors in its mineral spring.