Settlement name



3 866 inhabitants


1102.18 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43683 N, 24.017 E

Height of settlement centre

178 m


Selanovtsi is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in Oryahovo Municipality, Vratsa District, 8 km from the Danube River, 7 km south-southeast of Oryahovo and 80 km northeast of Vratsa.

There are several versions about the origin and meaning of the name of the village. One of them is that it comes from the name of a person which name was Salo: the old Bulgarian word “sala” means messenger and have the same meaning as the Greek name “apostle”. According to another version, the name comes from Selyo, which is the short of Selimir, personal name which was used still in 12th century.

Remains of Thracian settlements inhabited during the Iron Age (2nd to 1st c. BC) were found near the village.

The village was mentioned for the first time, under the names of Silanufdzha and Silanufcha, in Ottoman registers from 1430 and in the studies of Luigi Marsili who indicated it on a map of the Danube from 1779.

In 1922, the village moved to its present ground. The exodus was completed in 1950.

The agriculture is well developed: the production is mostly of cereals, sunflower, corn, wheat etc.

Selanovtsi has deposits of water lily: 2.5 ha in the locality of "Kochumina" and 2 ha in the locality of "Gola bara", declared protected sites in 1985.


The Community centre “Samoobrazovanie” (en. "Self-education") was founded in 1894 (in a separate building from 1961).

There are monuments to the fallen in the wars (1912-1918), in September Uprising of 1923 and in the partisan movement of 1941-1944.

There are also 3 fountains from Ottoman times and remains of a Church.