Settlement name



102 inhabitants


297.25 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.050’N  26.717’E

Height of settlement centre

7 m


Pozharevo (or Pojarevo) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria: It is located in Tutrakan Municipality (11 km), Silistra District. The village carries its name since 1947.

The architectural reserve "Fishing neighborhood" which is a fishing village from the Renaissance is located near the village. Here are represented original fishing gears from Antiquity until today, as well as photos and graphics which explain the different ways of fishing in villages along the Lower Danube.

An ecotrail is built along the Danube: Tutrakan - Pozharevo - island of Malak Kosuy.

Once a year, a commemorative event is organized to celebrate the arrival by boat of Tanyo Voivoda and his 28 rebels, on the 17 May 1876, on this place, in order to support the uprising for liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule.

The area is suitable for relaxation, tourism, nature walks, fishing, beach, water sports, wine tasting, visiting natural attractions (for example, the nearest protected site “Garvan”).

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