Settlement name



666 inhabitants


50.5 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.117′N  26.950′E

Height of settlement centre

21 m


Popina is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is part of Sitovo Municipality, Silistra District. It is located on the banks of the Danube, 4 km from the biosphere reserve of Srebarna, 12 km from Sitovo, 37 km from Silistra and 335 km from Sofia.

During the 4th – 6th century AD Romans built a military fortification in today’s lands of Popina known as “Kaleto” ("the Citadel"). Near the Roman military, fortifications settlements were formed in which people live and serve the army between the two major Danubian fortresses - Durostorum (Silistra) and Transmariska (Tutrakan). Remains of that Roman road are visible.

Today its population is considered indigenous, left still from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom.

The village is picturesque, with lush vegetation and is known for its apricot plantations.

The cultural heritage includes: the St. Georges the Victorious Church, а Community centre which has a female choir, a Museum, a Monument to soldiers died in the Wars (in the centre of the village), Thracian tombs in the locality of "Drencheto", two ancient settlements etc.

The natural heritage is the protected site “Garvanovi blata” ("Raven Marshes") which is located between Popina and the neighbouring village of Garvan.

The traditional events in the village are: the Feast of the Danube combined with a swimming across the Danube (beginning of August), horse racing, etc.

The perspectives are: the development of cultural, rural and ecotourism.

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