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Cultural and Conference Tourism

  •  heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance):

Kaleto fortress: http://www.bulgariancastles.com/bulgariancastles/bg/krepost-kaleto-pirgovo

Winery Pirgovo: http://pirgovo.com/

ruins of Trimamum roman castle

  • Permanent events (local  importance):

14 February – vine trimming day

Gastro Tourism

  • Wine tourism

Pirgovo cellar: http://www.pirgovo.com/

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Settlement name



1853 inhabitants


544.13 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.733 N, 25.867 E

Height of settlement centre

80-90 m


Pirgovo is a village in northern Bulgaria, Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse District. It is located on the bank of the Danube, 12 km from the village of Ivanovo, 13 km from Ruse, 55 km from Svishtov, and 287 km northeast of Sofia.

Pirgovo is an old village of 3-5 c. BC. Its old name is Pyrgos. The etymology of the name Pirgovo-Pyrgos connects the village with the name of the Greek word for stone, because of the large limestone quarries near the village.

There is a wood processing plants in the village. It is known from the early 20th century with its wine cellars: “Pirgovo”, “Moisev” and “Leventa”.

The church was built in 1877 and has undergone numerous renovations. It was built in the typical 19th century architectural style. It was burned during the Liberation War. The bell tower is built of solid stone at about thirty meters from it. The area around the Church is particularly picturesque, the school is located next to the churchyard and next to them is the stadium of the village. The conditions for life, education and sports among the nature are very good for the children.


The Port Pirgovo - a beach area and built houses. The Port does not work, but is suitable for walking, riding a boat or fishing. Nearby lies the fishing village and next to it the villa zone of Pirgovo.

The old cellar - where traditionally produced wines are kept in the village.

The Monument to soldiers fallen for the Liberation of Bulgaria: in the yard of the Orthodox Church in the village centre.

The Thracian, ancient and medieval fortress "Kaleto": it is located 3 km northeast of the Pirgovo centre. The settlement existed in the First and Second Bulgarian States.

The Ancient fortress is located 3.3 km northwest of Pirgovo, on the Danube in the locality of  "Drakata". It represents a slope to the river. In the terrain profile remains of houses, furnaces and fireplaces were identified. Life began here about 4th century BC and lasted until the 14th century without interruption.

The Basarbovo Monastery is located about 16 km from Pirgovo, in the village of Ivanovo, the administrative centre of the municipality. It is a permanently functionning and well-preserved rock monastery, situated in the picturesque valley of the Rusenski Lom River, famous for the cult of Saint Demetrius Basarbovski.

The most revered religious festival is the Day of the wine grower, St. Trifon's Day, on 14 February.

Source:  http://pirgovo.selo.bg/f/123