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Antique necropolis: http://godsun.thracica.com/library/publication/20




Settlement name



125 inhabitants


170.01 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43.783 N, 23.100 E

Height of settlement centre

120 m


Orsoya is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, in Lom Municipality, Montana District. It is located 14 km west of Lom and 124 km from Sofia.

The Necropolis, situated on the Danube in the locality of "Plyoska", 3 km north of Orsoya, was studied in the period 1969 - 1973. On an area of 6200 sq.m , 343 graves were examined. The burial offerings are mainly various types of pottery (small clay figures, clay models of boats, thrones and tables), bronze and copper jewelry etc. They are dated 14th - 11th c. BC (Late Bronze Age).

The protected zone "Ribarnitsi Orsoya" (en. “Fishponds of Orsoya”) (475.43 ha), and the protected area "Ribarnitsi Orsoya" (marsh of 150.3 ha) which is included in the protected zone, is rich in special fauna (birds) and flora and is on the territory the village.

There are large forests and a spring in the vicinity of the village.

The last weekend of October is the village Festival.

Source:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orsoya