Novo selo



Общинска администрация Ново село

Settlement name

Novo selo


1137 inhabitants


486.22 ha

Administrative status

village, municipality

Location of settlement centre

44.167′N 22.783′E

Height of settlement centre

50 m


Novo selo (“New village”) is located in northwestern Bulgaria. It is the administrative centre of municipality, which consists of 5 villages. It is situated on Danube, 24 km away from Vidin, 17 km from Bregovo and 12 km from the Serbian border.

It was founded, probably in 1711, near a Roman fortification under the name of Prosanats. Later the local people moved to the present location and settled their New village.

The village is famous with its vineyard massifs of Gamza (synonym of the Hungarian Kadarka) and its Winery. Until recent decades the wine "Novoselska Gamza" (or “Gamza of Novo selo”) is of special honor, both in Bulgaria and abroad.

There is a port in Novo selo for coasting of ships and here is the first Bulgarian station wich is measuring the level of the Danube. Here is also the first “stop” in Bulgaria of the International Danubian Regatta TID and the village receives its participants every summer with its local folk sings and dances.

The landmarks are: the St. Nikola Church (built in 1825), the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Church (of 1894), the Clock tower (of 1931), the Community centre (of 1930), the Library, the School (of 1939), the Museum with ethnographic collection etc.

A traditional event is the annual summer workshop of artists from Danubian countries.

A regular municipal and religious festival is organized on the Day of Trifon Zarezan (the 14th February) related to the viticulture and the winemaking.

In the vicinity, there is a natural reserve in the locality of Kamaka (“the Stone”).

The beaches on the Danube are beautiful and convenient for swimming and water sports.

There are all premises for development of wine, recreational, rural, eco, cultural, hunting and fishing tourism and also of water sports.



Novo selo
Novo selo
Novo selo
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Novo selo
Novo selo