Nova Cherna




Settlement name

Nova Cherna


1 745 inhabitants


494.71 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.000 N, 26.500 E

Height of settlement centre

26 m


Nova Cherna (en. New Cherna) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria, in Tutrakan Municipality, Silistra District. It is located 15 km from Tutrakan, 75 km from Silistra and 40 km east of Ruse. Four km north of the village runs the River Danube. It is the largest village in Tutrakan Municipality.

The village was founded by Bulgarian immigrants who came from Cherna Municipality (Romania), hence its current name: New Cherna.

South of Nova Cherna is the village of Syanovo, where is the Monastery "St. Marina "  known for its healing spring.

North of the village is located a Roman fortress called “Kaleto” (en."The Fortress").

North of the village, along the Danube, is the Wetland "Kalimok-Brushlen" and the Biological and experimental base with ornithological station of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences "Kalimok."

The main livelihood of the local population is agriculture: cereals, herbs, apricots, peaches, apples etc.

Cultural landmark is the Community centre "Vasil Yordanov", built in 1942. It has a rich library. There is also a club "Friends of the book."

The Festival of the village is on 24 May: the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture.