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941 inhabitants


279.55 ha

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 43.600 N, 25.583 E

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48 m


Novgrad is a village in eastern part of northern Bulgaria, Tsenovo Municipality, Ruse District. It is located about 64 km west of Ruse, 21 km east of Svishtov, 70 km north of Veliko Tarnovo, 27 km northwest of Byala and 13 km in the same direction from the village of Tsenovo.

The road infrastructure is well maintained. It is not far from the highway Ruse-Byala-Veliko Tarnovo, part of the Cross-border Transport Corridor № 9. The main roads are to Ruse, Byala and Svishtov.

The population is mainly employed in agriculture: wheat, barley, sunflower, corn, canola and other grains and industrial crops.

Novgrad was founded in 1388 by local Bulgarians surviving after the Ottomans destruction of the existing nearby fortress Neokastro (Novakesri). The castle was built by the Byzantines during the Byzantine rule, and later with the resumption of the Bulgarian state was renamed Novgrad. The castle is located northeast of the present village, on the top of Kalebair the left bank of the Yantra River. It was built on high and inaccessible place above the river and its only accessible side was from the east, where a wall was built. The fortress was captured by the Turks in 1388 by the army of Ali Pasha north of Stara Planina Mountains. Enraged by resisting the defenders of the fortress, the Ottomans killed the majority of the population and destroyed the fortress to the ground. The few Bulgarians who survived built near the ruins of the fortress a new village, named after the ruined Novgrad fortress.

The Fortress “Neokastro” or “Novgrad” is located 0.8 km northeast of the village centre, on a steep left bank of the Yantra River, opposite the bridge to the village of Krivina. The castle has an irregular triangular shape with the widest part of the east, consistent with the configuration of the terrain, with a length of 200 m and width of 96 m. To the south of the castle goes a deep valley. It is only accessible from the east, where was and the main entrance. Most of the walls were destroyed.

Another suggestion (of A. Kuzev) is that this was the medieval fortress "Nukseri".

The village has an Ethnological collection in a building with nine rooms, two of which are devoted to Hadzhi Dimitar and Stefan Karadzha. Some of the materials were donated to the local administration and the Community centre "Hristo Botev" by Todor Neykov, grandson of the rebel Dragomir Draganov.

In Novgrad there is a primary school, a community centre, a medical practice etc.

The village festival is on 7 November.

Yantra is one of the most beautiful and quiet rivers in Bulgaria. Section of the river suitable for kayak touring is from Byala to its mouth into the Danube.