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  • police

1а, Petko Bankov Street, Tel. 2045

  •  pharmacy shop


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  •  post office

24, Sergey Rumiantzev Street




Settlement name



3252 inhabitants


292.6 ha

Administrative status

town, municipality

Location of settlement centre

43°683′N 23°850′E

Height of settlement centre

54 m


The town of Mizia is located in northwestern Bulgaria. It is the centre of Mizia Municipality, which is part of Vratsa district. The distance to the Oriahovo port is 14 km, to the Lom port 65 km and to the capital city of Sofia 200 km. The Municipality of Mizia has an outlet to the Danube (10 km of the town).

The rich cultural and historical heritage of Mizia Municipality is well preserved. The earliest traces of Thracian tribes, which used to inhabit the former village of Bukyovtsi date back 5 000 years ago. Bukyovtzi is mentioned for the first time in an Ottoman register of 1848.

The famous silver treasure of Bukyovtsi was found in an agricultural property near the village of Bukyovtsi (today’s town of Mizia)  in 1925. It dates from 4th century BC. The treasure is exposed in the National Archaeological Museum in Sofia.

Remarkable landscapes (century-old trees) could be seen in the proximity: near the village of Sofronievo.

The first school was opened in 1870 and the Holy Ascension of Christ Church was built in 1874. The Community centre has an Ensemble for folk sings and dances.

The cultural calendar includes:

  • 2nd August is a celebration day of Mizia – tradition which began in 1880 in honour of the Russian and Romanian soldiers that have fallen in the liberation war against the Ottoman Rule.
  • 13th February is the Mizia town day which is celebrated since 1970: it consists of presenting awards to local distinguished sportsmen, artists, educational and cultural figures, a celebration concert with amateur performing groups and popular actors, and fireworks ceremony.

The future plans of the municipality for tourism development are in the field of: eco, cultural and cognitive tourism.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miziya