Settlement name



670 inhabitants


274.73 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°717′N 25°833′E

Height of settlement centre

50 m


Mechka is a village on the Danube: it is in Ivanovo Municipality (20 km), Ruse District. It is situated 25 km north-west from Ruse. The distance to Sofia is 234 km.

In the 1st century there was built the Roman castle “Ursus” (in English “Bear”, in Bulgarian “Mechka”) known later as the fortified town "Trimamium". Remains from the fortress are found west from the locality of Stalpishte, 4 km from Mechka, 30 m from the Danube riverbank.

The cultural attractions are:

  • The historical monument in honor of the soldiers fallen for the Liberation of Bulgaria in the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878); it is 1.5 km from the village on the road from Mechka to the locality of Stalpishte: the place of battle for the liberation of Ruse; It was built in 1900.
  • The St. St. Apostles Peter and Paul Church is dated from 1925: it was built in Byzantine style with high architectural value. It is known as one of the most beautiful temples in the municipality of Ivanovo.
  • The Community centre "Otets Paisiy" was founded in 1927; its library has 11,817 volumes of books. There are male and female folk groups.

There are many natural attractions:

  • In the area of Stalpishte there are two large stone pillars, known as Dekilitash. These are the two stone formations (in the form of pyramids) from prehistoric times (Mesozoic Era). Both the stones have different shape and size: the large one is 12 m high and the other 2.5 m. It is assumed that the large stone was used for observation during the Roman time.
  • “Ribarbitsi selo Mechka” is an important ornithological area: it is located on the banks of the Danube. The location is convenient for fishing.
  • Another Important Bird Area is the Wetland: it is well preserved with over 198 species of birds.