Malak Preslavets




Settlement name

Malak Preslavets


302 inhabitants


388.66 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.067 N, 26.850 E

Height of settlement centre

86 m


Malak Preslavets (en. Little Preslavets) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Glavinitsa Municipality, Silistra District, 49 km west of Silistra.

The village was founded during the Ottoman time. His first name was Neschesantsa and later was renamed Kada-Kioy (en. Referee's village).

The area of the village is rich in monuments of cultural and historical heritage from different eras and civilizations.

On the vertical side of the river between Malak Preslavets and Vetren, archaeologists found primitive ceramic tools. It was a prehistoric settlement, located 3.2 km north of the village, near the north-east part of the swamp on the Danube riverside, found in the 80s of the 20th century. It was dated about 6th century BC (the early Neolithic). There was found magnificent pottery, artifacts and several prehistoric dwellings. One of them had a unique prehistoric tomb: the body in it was found in position of a child in the womb (in a prenatal “khokir” position). This is one of the earliest burials found in Bulgarian and the Balkans.

Another prehistoric settlement was found 2.6 km north of the village in the locality of “Marata”, situated on a lakeside terrace. It was dated from the Bronze Age, but it was also Thracian settlement so as Roman, early Byzantine and early Medieval Bulgarian fortress. Probably, the khan Omurtag’s glorious home on Danube was there.

An early medieval settlement and fortress are located at a distance of 4.2 km north of the village and 0.5 km east of the pier in the locality of "Sara Borun." The most part of the fortress has fallen into the bed of the Danube. The south wall was built of stones cemented with clay. Fragments of early medieval pottery are found on the surface. A Roman road (from 2nd – 4th c.) passes in the area of Malak Preslavets: it was one of the most important roads of the Roman Empire along the Danube.

The Roman station „Nigriniana” is located in the locality of "Gradishteto" near the present village of Malak Preslavets, on the Roman road which continues to Kandidiana (village of Popina) Tegulichia (village of Srebarna), Durostorum (Silistra) to the delta of the Danube.

The protected zone "The Swamp of Malak Preslavets" (154.94 ha of which 38.5 ha water area) is located 4 km north of the village and is close to the Danube. It is about 30 km from the Biosphere reserve "Srebarna" and serves as feeding grounds for rare birds. It is the largest colony of white water lily in Bulgaria. Its depth in the northwest reaches 5 m.

Regular event is the Festival of water lilies which is organized in June every year.

Malak Preslavets has favourable conditions for organic farming, rural and eco tourism.