Settlement name



704 inhabitants


177.98 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43.700 N, 24.017 E

Height of settlement centre

101 m


Leskovets is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, in the Oryahovo Municipality, Vratsa District. It is located 6 km east of Oryahovo, on the road to the village of Ostrov and Nikopol. It is situated on a hilly area, 1 km from the Danube.

Due to the height of the village, the panoramic view towards Danube is wonderful.

In this part, the Danube is divided into three branches among the two large islands: Esperanto and Masata. In the flat part between the village and the river, the ancient Roman road passed which connected Belgrade and Constantinople (Via Istrum). On this place, the Romans built in 3rd century the Fortress "Variana".

Between the village and the former Roman fortress, there is a large fountain, dating from that period, restored and named “Kapitanitsa”.

The village Festival is held in the last weekend of August.

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