Settlement name



1068 inhabitants


601.39 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.65 N, 24.40 E

Height of settlement centre

31 m


Krushovene is a village in northern Bulgaria, Dolna Mitropolia Municipality, Pleven District. It is located 9 km from the Danube River and 1 km from the Iskar River. Main roads from Pleven to Nikopol and Oryahovo and from Nikopol to Knezha, Cherven briag and Sofia make a crossroad here in the village

For the first time the name of the village is mentioned in Turkish documents from 1777. In 1838 the local people received the right to own terrains on the Danube riverbank. There is currently a very nice villa zone with villas of the people of Krushovene.

The protected site "Genchov Orman", with its still alive oaks over 150 years old, is on the territory of the village. Local people rely on the implementation of projects to build a bridge over the Iskar River, which could connect Krushovene with the next village of Slavovitsa and also on the construction of Hydropower plant on the Iskar River.

The village has a church, a functioning school and аkindergarten.

The proximity to both the rivers (Danube and Iskar) makes the village an attractive centre for calm eco and river tourism.