Settlement name



436 inhabitants


126.18 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.067N 23.033E

Height of settlement centre

35 m


Koshava is a village in northwestern Bulgaria and is part of Vidin Municipality, Vidin District. It is located on the shore of Danube, 19 km from Vidin and 156 km from Sofia.

At 1 km from the village, along the Danube, is the long and narrow island of Koshava. Koshava comes from the name of the wind Koshava, which is typical for the area of Vidin.

The village is first mentioned in Turkish documents in 1454.

On the banks of the Danube, there are remains of the Ad Marum Roman fortress.

Here is the largest deposit of gypsum in Bulgaria: 88% of total deposits. The Mine "Gypsum Koshava" is 1 km away, near the fortress.

The landmarks are: one of the oldest churches in Vidin District (built in 1860), thermal mineral water (400С) and the beaches "The Island" and "The fishermen".

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