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Cultural Tourism

  • heritage site (national importance):

Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo including  Rock Monastery “St. Michael the Archangel”- UNESCO World Heritage List http://www.bulgariamonasteries.com/en/ivanovo_monastery.html; http://bg.guide-bulgaria.com/NC/Rousse/Ivanovo

  • Permanent events (national importance):

International plain air  of artists “Rusenski Lom – Danube”

  • Permanent events (local importance):

Educational and entertainment round (of 61 riverside cities) to celebrate the Days of the Danube River (August);

Poetry Competition “Svetlostruy”

Gastro Tourism:

  • Wine tourism:

Raynov cellar


  • Hunting company in the park „Rusenski Lom”

Other :

Accommodation and catering:







Settlement name





22,43 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.68501, 25.95623

Height of settlement centre

0-49 m


Ivanovo is a village – centre of a municipality in the distict Ruse, North Central Region of Bulgaria. It is situated at 22 km (half an hour) from the district centre – the city of Ruse.

Ivanovo is famous with its rich historical and cultural heritage. The Rock Monastery “St. Michael the Archangel”( part of Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo) was established in the twenties of 13th century. During the whole period of Second Bulgarian Kingdom, the monastery developed strong relationships with the kings of Tarnovo. As a result, famous monastery-donors were the kings Ivan Assen II, Ivan Alexander and many other representatives of royal families whose portraits are still preserved nowadays. Ivanovo rock-hewn churches, forming the monastery complex, are one of the nine places in Bulgaria, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.       

Ivanovo is a typical rural area producing mainly cereals supplemented by agro-food preparing industry – meats and mushrooms, and pipe welding industry. The infrastructure is relatively well developed – close to the Danube river, crossed by important national (European corridors 7 and 9) and municipal roads and railway.

It is an area with unique flora and fauna and rock formations. The Nature Park „Russenski lom” famous with its rich bio diversity is a preserved territory since 1970. There are several important ornitological sites.

Since 2000 in Ivanovo there is a tourist information centre offering a wide range of touristic services and programmes.

There are lots of acommodation places incl. in the neihbouring villages, some with outdoor swimming pools, central heating etc. and several catering establishments.

Source:  www.ivanovo.bg/index.php?act=37