Settlement name



3207 inhabitants


400.2 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43.633 N, 24.7E

Height of settlement centre

0 - 49 m


Gulyantsi is a town in central northern Bulgaria, part of Pleven District. It is the administrative centre of Gulyantsi municipality. Gulyantsi lies 34 kilometres north of Pleven, 4 kilometres south of the Danube river and 7-8 kilometres southwest of the mouth of the Iskar River at Gigen village.

Gulyantsi is a successor of an antique Roman settlement (Castrum) that had been built on the left bank of Utus River (Thracian name of Vit River), as a wayside post-roman campaign in west to east. The Turks named the settlement Giulian (Rose) because of the white and red roses, which had heaped the yards of the region. With mainstream of the time the appellation is being translated in Giuliande, Giuliance next to present Gulyantsi. Gulyansti was proclaimed a town on 4 September 1974.

Each year a fair takes place on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May.

There are no industrial and environmental contaminants and pollutants in the area. The environment is clean and suitable for healthy living.