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Stone fountains

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Settlement name

Gorno Ablanovo


1120 inhabitants


642.46 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.633 N, 25.733 E

Height of settlement centre

185 m


Gorno Ablanovo is a village in northern Bulgaria. It is located in Borovo Municipality, Ruse District; 40 km southwest of Ruse, 22 km north of Borovo, 41 km east of Svishtov, 274 km northeast of Sofia and 220 km northwest of Varna.

The municipal building which was used also for school was built in 1922. At that time, many construction projects were completed: construction of the new fountain, known as "Batinskata cheshma", located on the border between the villages of Gorno Ablanovo and Batin. In 1925, construction started of the road Dve mogili - Batin.

In 1877, the first school was built near the present church (built in 1874). The Community centre was founded in 1924 in a private home. In 1929, construction of a new school began and was completed in 1932. The village is rich in groundwater and many houses have wells. There are many stone fountains (from 1922).

Today Gorno Ablanovo is a friendly and picturesque village with preserved folk customs, traditions and spirit. In recent years, it enjoys a strong interest from English citizens who bought property and live in the village, attracted by the climate, natural beauty and warmth of the people.

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Gorno Ablanovo
Gorno Ablanovo
Gorno Ablanovo