Gorni Vadin




Settlement name

Gorni Vadin


310 inhabitants


272.62 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°683′N 23°233′E

Height of settlement centre

50 m


Gorni Vadin (Upper Vadin) is a village in Oriahovo municipality, Vratsa District. It is situated close to Danube, 36 km east of municipality centre Oriahovo and 134 northeast of Sofia.

Near the village, since ancient times, Thracians founded their settlement on the river bank of the Danube in the locality Ledenika, west of the current village. They have lived there during the Bronze and the Iron ages. In the region were found silver objects dated from the 7th century BC and accidentally found in 1967. In 1st century BC, due to unknown reasons, the settlement was abandoned, but later inhabited again.

The area is hilly and there are forests around. The place is suitable for fishing and hunting. There is a small quay and possibility for bathing at the Danube banks. The village has a developed agriculture (incl. beekeeping), an abundance of mineral springs with healing properties etc.

Source: http://www.gornivadin.dir.bg/_wm/diary/?df=46