Settlement name



378 inhabitants


333.88 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.083 N, 26.900 E

Height of settlement centre

15 m


Garvan (en. Raven) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Sitovo Municipality, Silistra District, 13 km from the Municipal centre of Sitovo and 34 km from District centre of Silistra.

The name Garvan was firstly mentioned in a written document from 1620 and in another document from 1676 as village under the name Karga.

According to the studies, the village was in the locality of "Gradishteto" on an early medieval settlement and fortification of 4th – 6th c.

The inhabitants of Garvan are considered as descendants of autochthonous Bulgarian population.

The local population, until its existence so far, has been primarily engaged in agriculture (grain, viticulture, horticulture) and livestock. The cultures are mainly: wheat, sunflower, barley, maize, rapeseed and tobacco.

Cultural and historical heritage:

  • The St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki Church was built from 1887 to 1892;
  • The Community centre "Dimitar Ivanov Polyanov" was created in 1870: it has three amateur groups (male, female and children's singing groups) with a repertoire of authentic songs and dances, and rich cultural traditions;
  • The Pensioner club was established in 1981: a group singing folk songs and dances, another singing group for old urban songs and an original music band;
  • A rich museum and ethnographic collection;
  • The House of Dobrudzha in Garvan: it is furnished in the style of old Dobrudzha and could accommodate tourists. Thereto is built a mill with diesel motor produced in Germany in 1920;
  • Settlement mounds and cemeteries;
  • The Ancient fortress is located 4 km north of the village in the localities "Kuchuk Gyul" and "Kala"; it has the shape of a triangle, probably of Roman origin.

Natural attractions:

  • The Protected site “Garvanovi blata” (en. "Garvan swamps") (280 ha): one can watch different birds and plants;
  • The Danube Island “Garvan”: there is a colony of rare birds;
  • The fishing village "Emilovo" is situated on the Danube River.

The following events, related to folk customs and traditions, are regularly organized in the village of Garvan:

  • Danube Folklore Festival: on 2nd June;
  • Festival of the bread;
  • Festival of the village: on the Day of St. Demetrius;
  • Horse race: on the Day of St. Theodor etc.

The bicycle trail from Ruse to Silistra passes through the village.