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Cultural and Conference Tourism

  • heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance):

Florentiana castle: http://www.bulgariancastles.com/bulgariancastles/en/node/140

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15, Parva Street



Settlement name



415 inhabitants


132.83 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.117′N 22.833′E

Height of settlement centre

40 m


Florentin is a village in northwestern Bulgaria and is part of Novo selo Municipality, Vidin District. It is located on the Danube, 6 km from Novo selo, 16 km from Vidin and 165 km from Sofia.

The population of the village is occupied mainly in agriculture. More than half of the lands are vineyards. The other cultures are cereals and sunflower. Livestock farming is represented by sheep, goats and chickens. In the village fishing is the favourite occupation.

There are some landmarks in the village:

Florentiana fortress dates from Roman times (12th or 13th century). It was located about 1 km west of the village on the hill over the banks of the Danube. For the first time the name of the fortress was mentioned among the fortresses depicted in an Italian military map of Southeast Europe in 1394, where it is represented as a fortified wall with three towers.

The Ascension Church was built in 1820 and has а very beautiful iconostasis.

The village is known also with its 4 spring fountains one of which, "Turskata" ("The Turkish"), has healing properties for eye diseases.

Source: http://www.guide-bulgaria.com/NW/Vidin/Novo_selo/Florentin