Dolni Vit


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Settlement name

Dolni Vit


515 inhabitants


187.59 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 43.667 N, 24.750 E

Height of settlement centre

48 m


Dolni Vit is a village in northern Bulgaria, in Gulyantsi Municipality (6 km), Pleven District.

During the Ottoman rule, the village was called "Shamlievo". This name was used until 1953.

The village was situated on the slopes of a hill and had a southwest location. Due to sliding layers, the local people were forced to abandon their court locations and moved elsewhere. This happened in 1956: now, the village is built in the valley, where their vegetable gardens were before. New houses have been built, fruit trees have been planted and the yards and the streets are in green.

A chapel was built on a hill above the village. The Stadium "Benkovski" is located on the way to the railway station.

The population is engaged in farming, animal husbandry and horticulture.



Dolni Vit
Dolni Vit