Dolni Vadin


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Other Services

  • doctor’s office

in the nearest Gorni Vadin village

  • post office

26, Han Asparuh Street



Settlement name

Dolni Vadin


228 inhabitants


182.09 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°683′N 23°283′E

Height of settlement centre

49 m


Dolni Vadin (Lower Vadin) is a village in Oriahovo municipality, Vratsa District. It is situated close to Danube, 39 km east of municipality centre Oriahovo.

The village of Dolni Vadin, which until 1900 was called Star Vadin (Old Vadin) or only Vadin occurs in Ottoman registers of 1617 and 1632 under the name of Ostovadin.

Just below the village on the Danube river bank, there are ruins of the Valeriana fortress. There were found many objects from Roman time. South of the castle, in the courtyards of the houses, there are remains of a settlement.

The village is able to develop cultural, cognitive and rural tourism, eco-agriculture, etc.