Dolni Tsibar



Settlement name

Dolni Tsibar


1573 inhabitants


150.5 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

43°817′N 23°517′E

Height of settlement centre

30 m


Village of Dolni Tsibar is located in northwestern Bulgaria, on the Danube River and the Tsibritsa River, between Lom and Kozloduy, 15 kм from the municipal administrative centre of Valchedram, 51 km from the district administrative centre of Montana and 125 km from Sofia.

Nearby are the remains of an old Roman castle “Cebrus” (from the 1st century AD), which defended the delta of the Tsibritsa River. Possible etymology of its name is Emperor Tiberius (Tiberius - Ciberus - Cebrus).

In the near past, the village was a trading settlement and port with great number of grain warehouses. Today it doesn’t operate and there is only a stone bridge connecting the village with the port and a rocky quay used for fishing boats.

This is a favorite fishing spot. There are good conditions for ecotourism: 3 protected areas: “Tsibarsko blato” (or Tsibar Marsh) (909.76 ha) (wetland) “Ibisha Island" (399.32 ha) and the “Tsibar island” (101.48 ha). Subject of protection are some bird species, plants and animals.

The village has a community centre with a children's choir, humorous group, folk dances, modern dances etc.

The perspectives of tourism development are related to reconstruction and modernization of the ex-port.