Dolno Ryahovo




Settlement name

Dolno Ryahovo


423 inhabitants


255,28 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

 44.050 N, 26.800 E

Height of settlement centre

63 m


Dolno Ryahovo (en. Lower Ryahovo) is a village in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Glavinitsa Municipality, Silistra District, 48 km from Silistra and 23 km from Glavinitsa.

Deposits from Paleolithic (800 000 to 12 000 BC), mainly flint tools, such as axes, scrapers and blades for working of leather, bones and wood, were found near the village.

The findings in the locality of “Izvorite” (en. The Springs) between Dolno Ryahovo and Malak Preslavets prove the existence of culture of the middle Stone Age or Epipaleolith (from 12,000 to 7000 BC).

Traces of Getae Thracian settlement were found near the village, in the locality of Lyaskovitsa.

Roman Empire also left its marks: the Roman road and a stone fortress. Archaeological material shows that the area was inhabited from ancient times, and the main livelihood was agriculture, pastoralism and fishing. Numerous incursions of Barbarian tribes in the 11th century forced the local population to abandon the settlement. It was revived again in the 17th century.

The Memorial to the crossing of the Panayot Hitov detachment of the Danube (for the Liberation of Bulgaria) is located north of the village near the Danube River, on the road to the village of Dunavets.

The traditional festival of the village takes place on 28th August.