Settlement name



605 inhabitants


119.62 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44.017 N, 22.933 E

Height of settlement centre

49 m


Antimovo is a village in northwestern Bulgaria and is situated in Vidin Municipality, Vidin District. It is located less than 2 km from the Danube River, 2 km from the next village of Kutovo (which until 1991 were united in the village of Golden Horn), 7 km from Vidin and 152 km from Sofia. (There is one more Bulgarian village of Antimovo which is located in Silistra district).

In 1934 the village took the name of Antimovo in honor of Exarch Antim I. Before it was called village of Chef.

Antimovo was established in the 17th century. The first settlers were Bulgarians from Romania and Hungary, who had emigrated from Bulgaria. Coming back, they stopped at the Danube riverbank, liked the place and stayed there. Other settlers from the North followed them also. However, the Bulgarian river bank is higher and flooding is not as frequent as in Romania.

On the river bank and 200 m from the village is the place (at the 796th km), where the supporting column of the Danube Bridge 2 between Bulgaria and Romania (still under construction) will be.

The school is from 1897, but was closed. Children travel to the School in the village of Kutovo.

St. Georges is the patron of the village. The church carries his name since 160 years.

Between the villages of Antimovo and Kutovo there is a beautiful park of approximately area of 5 ha. There are growing rare trees. A Campsite “Danube” is located in the locality of "Orliaka" and has 30 bungalows and a restaurant. Nearby is the ferryboat port Vidin - Calafat (Bulgaria - Romania). It is visited by transit Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

There is a mineral water on the Danube riverbank with a temperature of 40°C, which can be directly used for hydrotherapy. With its healing properties, this mineral water is unique in Bulgaria. Such water could be found in Ukraine, but the mineral content here is 20 times richer, which makes it extremely valuable. It has been proven that it cures many diseases: skin diseases, eczema, wounds etc. Nowadays, the water is not in use.

The village has good conditions for a short holiday with water sports and fishing, but tourism development will be given to the development of spa and wellness services based on the mineral water.