Vének címere

Settlement name



185 inhabitants


689 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.73900, 17.75830

Height of settlement centre

110 m


The small village of Vének is lying in the corner of the Szigetköz, at the meeting of the Nagy-Duna (Great Danube) and the Mosoni-Duna (Mosoni Danube). It is accessible from highway M1 by turning to Győr, from where there is a by-pass road leading to Vének through Bácsa and Kisbajcs. Coaches also go to the settlement from the seat of the county.  When accessing it on main route 1, it is possible to cross the river by ferry between Gönyű and Győrszentiván. The ferry transports bicycles and motorbikes as well, and if requested it makes half-hour long pleasure boating trip in the ambience.

The settlement provides ideal starting point and station for water tourism. Two camping sites can be found here, the Árpi’s Kenu Camp and the Aranyliget campsite. The former one is a camping site equipped with lavatory and shower near the ferry crossing, from where a study pathway starts to the nearby flood plain forest. In the Aranyliget camp, in excess of tents, the visitors can be accommodated also in 4- or 8-bed rooms. Both sites provide possibility for hiring bicycles, canoes and motorboats; this way the visitors can ramble around Szigetköz in diversified ways, while getting known with its unique natural values. The region has plenty of fishing sites. The fish soup cooking competition organised in the settlement attracts participants from faraway places. It is worth to visit the Catholic church of the village, the organ of which is a monument, and the exhibition of local history homed in the village house, which presents the rich history of Vének.

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