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Cultural and Conferance Tourism

  • heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance)

  • permanent exhibition (local importance)

Benedek Péter Memorial House (

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  Uszód község címere

Settlement name



1 115 inhabitants


2 446 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

46.57087, 18.90210

Height of settlement centre

90- 95 m


Uszód is located in Bács-Kiskun county, at a distance of 10 km from Kalocsa. It is accessible leaving the main route 51, but also main route 6 and the Paks ferry are near the settlement. The bank of the Danube is an excellent site for fishing; the most frequently caught fishes are catfish, carp and sterlet. Visitors being on water tour can find ideal resting place at the coat of the village, which is suitable for docking.

The painter, Péter Benedek is a native of the village; his memorial home can be found at No 5 of the Batthyány street. The collection of the museum includes still lives, portraits and genre paintings; their topics are taken from village life and the every day life of the painter. Some of the painter’s famous self-portraits are also exhibited here. Ms. Boldizsár Gáborné folk artist awarded to Quality prize lives in the settlement; she is known of her scratched eggs, wooden paintings and dolls made by her.

As part of the Folklore Festival of the Danube Region (Duna Menti Folklórfesztivál) performances are held at the settlement in each and every year, the locals call this event Gubbantós Fesztivál (Gubbantós Festival), named after the local folk dance. The event is also a Village Day at the same time. Also coach-driving competitions are held in Uszód, where one- and two-in-hand coaches, pony coaches and age-grouped obstacle race of riding horses take place.