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Cultural and Conferance Tourism

  • heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance)


Water Tourism

  • harbour

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  • certified riding school, horse farm

Floch-puszta: (

  • fishpond, lake

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Other Services

  • pharmacy shop

  • doctor’s office

  • post office

  • restaurant, pastry shop



 Sződliget címere

Settlement name



4 479 inhabitants


731 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.73380, 19.14860

Height of settlement centre

100- 120 m


Sződliget is situated on the left bank of the Danube between Göd and Vác. It can be approached by vehicle on main route 2 and on expressway M2. The settlement can be reached by rail on the railway line Budapest-Vác-Szob, which has common railway station with Sződ. The village received its name from an ancient Hungarian personal name and the park forest (liget) beneath the village. It became an independent settlement in 1950, previously it belonged to Sződ.

The settlement was mentioned in documents originating from the time of the Tatar invasion for the first time. The Pauline monks established a mill in the settlement at the Danube in the 15th century. In April 1849 at the border of Sződliget along Gombás creek one of the most important battle of the spring drive was fought, upon which occasion the soldiers of János Damjanich expulsed the imperial army from Vác. During World War II a labour-camp was established in the village. The poet Miklós Radnóti was commanded from here to the labour-camp besides Bor in Serbia.

Nowadays Sződliget is a frequented resort and tourist attraction. Its river beach is one of the best in the Curve of the Danube. The Danube and the lake located in the northern border of the village offer excellent possibilities for angling. At the southern part of the settlement a sport boat harbour can be found, which can be approached by turning from main route 2. Two enterprises deal here with the storage, comprehensive service and repair of the boats. Such water sports may be tried, as water ski, jet ski and dragon boat. The settlement welcomes the tourists with camping and accommodation facilities.