Szigetmonostor község címere

Settlement name



3 357 inhabitants


2 351 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.69005, 19.10056

Height of settlement centre

100- 110 m


Szigetmonostor is the most southern settlement of Szentendrei-island. It can be approached by ferry from both branches of the Danube, from Szentendre, Horány and also from Alsógöd. On public road we can access the settlement only through the bridge at Tahitótfalu. Its relative closeness caused disadvantage in the traffic, but at the same time rendered also protection. The resort area of Horány belongs also to Szigetmonostor, where many people living in the capital have week-end houses.

At the beginning the settlement started to develop in the interior of the island because of the floods of the Danube. In 1214 Reeve Tiburc founded a Benedictine cloister in the village, which was later the home of more monastic orders. The settlement was named of this cloister, which was mentioned as Tiburcmonostor first, later as Monostor. Its inhabitants turned to the Calvinist religion early, at the beginning of the 16th century. In 1750 the cloister became the ownership of Gábor Horányi, who settled Catholics to the southern part of the village. The local people are dealing with agriculture and fructiculture (raspberry, strawberry), but since the 1930s the settlement has been playing a significant role in the drinking water provision of the capital, as well.

The village’s Calvinist Church in late baroque style and Catholic church erected in 1752 being are recommended to visit, which are under protection as historic monuments. Every year in September the Vintage Procession and Carnival are organized, the village remembers the state founding and St. Stephan’s Day. The area of the village is a part of the Duna-Ipoly National Park; its protected plant is stipa. We can make comfortable tours in the village and in its surroundings. Even the study pathway of the flood area of Vác can be visited, which is situated only at a 12 km distance from the ferry at Horány.