Püski címere

Settlement name



653 inhabitants


839 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.88500, 17.40700

Height of settlement centre

120 m


Püski is lying in the Szigetköz, at a few-km distance from the Öreg-Duna (Old-Danube). It is accessible from route 1 or from highrway M1 leaving it at Mosonmagyaróvár and from there turning to the east in the direction of Halászi. It is also accessible from the direction of Lipót on the route 1401 of Szigetköz. According to the tradition the name of the settlement originates from priest János Püski, who was in voluntary exile in the nearby forest while he was persecuted. Later, when he became a bishop he settled 12 families here. The supposition that the already existing settlement was a property of the bishopric, and its name is originating from this, is more likely.

The road connecting Püski to Halászi leads through the Járói-Duna-ág (Járói Danube Branch). The region of the branch and the Salamon Forest covering it is a nature preservation area; booted tourists and cyclists are very fond of it. The Lake of Püski can be found nearby; it is an excellent site for fishing. It is also worth to have a look at the Roman Catholic church standing in the middle of the village in a nicely arranged environment; it is sanctified to the honour of St. George the dragon killer. The baroque statue of St. Florian prepared in 1771 is standing on the square in front of it.

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