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Cultural and Conferance Tourism

  • heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance)

Water Tourism

  • water sports


  • certified riding school, horse farm

Apajpuszta (

  • fishpond, lake

Tucem-tavak (

  • air sports

Other Services

  • local importance aerodrom

Kiskunlacház airport: (

  • pharmacy shop

  • doctor’s office

  • post office

  • e-point, internet café

  • restaurant, pastry shop



Fájl:HUN Kiskunlacháza COA.jpg

Settlement name



9 990 inhabitants


9 530 ha

Administrative status

large village

Location of settlement centre

47.19130, 19.00490

Height of settlement centre

98 m


Kiskunlacháza, the „gate to Kiskunság”, is situated nearby the Ráckeve Branch of Danube, alongside long-distance Road 51. You can get to the Csepel Island on the opposite side of the river by crossing Árpád Bridge at Ráckeve. The large village was formed by the merger of the Kiskunlacháza, the surviving entity and Pereg, that merged into it. Lacháza was on the bank of the river previously, but due to the damages caused by the floods the population moved to an area of bigger elevation. Thus, alongside the Lacháza Branch of River Danube there is a vast, and cultured resort area with bank-side promenades, restaurants and snack bars. The bike tour route from Dunaharaszti to Ráckeve passes through this settlement.

Kiskunlacháza is a paradise for those who seek for active recreation. The village is a popular stop and also a starting point of rowing tours. In addition to the Ráckeve Branch of Danube, several small mine lakes (mines filled up with rainwater) await the anglers. At one of these there is a jet-ski park that would satisfy even the most demanding visitors. There are regular jet-ski competitions on this lake. The village hosts motocross competitions frequently too. At the private airport of Kiskunlacháza there is a pilot school where one can try extreme sports such as para gliding and gliding.

The village has a cultural centre, cinema, museum presenting its history and cultural heritage, museum presenting its folk architecture and an up-to-date sports hall. The Peregi Búcsú (Pereg Parish Fest), the Kiskun Cultural Fest, the “László napi vigasságok” (Laszlo Day Fest in June) are events organized  every year. At Apajpuszta, that  administratively belongs to the settlement and has a rich herding  tradition, there is a horse riding centre and a hotel. As part of the „puszta program” visitors can get acquainted with the traditional Hungarian dishes, wines, “pálinka” (fruit brandies), can listen to authentic gipsy music or take part in joyride or