Halászi címere

Settlement name



2 896 inhabitants


3 645 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.89167, 17.33000

Height of settlement centre

121 m

Halászi is situated next to Mosonmagyaróvár.  The territory lays higher than its surroundings, and some time it was surrounded by water courses from all directions, thanks to which fisher teams of  5 to 12 people, characteristically fishing by net settled here. The fishing hamlet emerged from these “fishing bunches”, presumably in the 13th century. They supplied fish for the Magyaróvár manor and the King’s Court.  Thus, it is from the history of the place that today’s name of Halászi comes from. Sights of the village worth to visit are the folk-baroque style dwelling houses with double gable-ends, and the catholic church in their backs: they are all under protection as monuments of architecture.

There is a leisure park on bank of the Moson Branch of Danube in Halászi’s area: it has a harbour for motor boats and a beach for free. It is an ideal stop for people on boat tousr: it is worth to stay a couple of days. There are sports grounds, boats for hire and a folk pub offering food specialties of the Szigetköz region. The small pleasure boat starting from here makes excursions of various lengths on the Moson Branch of Danube. The manor in the outer administrative area of the village is popular among foreign and Hungarian guests, too, who can practice archery,  various handicrafts, ride on horse, or by chariot, hire bicycle or canoe. There is also a fish pond in the manor having an area of 40 ha and 5 guest houses. The most important events of Halászi are: the Puppet Festival, the Szigetközi Fish and Game Cooking Competition and the Szigetközi Horse Riders’ Meeting.

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