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  • heritage site (national importance), built heritage (local importance)


  • archery

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  • regular sports festival, race (national importance)

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  • air sports

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Foktő címere  

Settlement name



1 654 inhabitants


3 153 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

46.52780, 18.91960

Height of settlement centre

90- 95 m


Foktő lies 5 km east of Kalocsa and is embraced by River Danube and the Csorna-Foktő-csatorna (Csorna-Foktő Channel). It can be approached by turning off Road 51 at Kalocsa. From Tolna County you can get to the village by crossing the river with the Gerjen ferry. The proximity of the Danube played an important role in the life of people living here and the settlement has become well-known by shipping and the manufacturing of boats and ships.

It is worth visiting the classicist Calvinistic church and late-baroque Catholic church of the village. The statue of Saint John can be found in the picturesque curve of Vajas-fok (Butter Hook) at the bank of the Danube. The dance culture of Foktő is known for the dances called „rözgős” and „selyemcsárdás” (silk czardas) only typical of this village and today only seen at wedding celebrations.

The beer-house to be found near to the bank of the Danube, in the thick of the forest, is the meeting place of motorcycle riders and rock music fans. Even several days can be spent staying in a tent near to the catering establishment. Upon demand, the owners organise a falcon and archery show, handicraft activities and horse-riding. The neighbourhood can be toured on foot or by bicycle and boats can be rented at the bank of the Danube. 

The airport that is located between Kalocsa, Uszód and Foktő and where several flying clubs operate, partly belongs to Foktő. Its scope of activities includes training pilots, gliding and parachuting, which is very popular in the region. The annual series of events called Europe Airventure attracting many people interested year by year is organised at the airport. The programs include airplane and motorcycle shows, acceleration competitions and pleasure flights by airplane and helicopter.