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Ercsi címere

Settlement name



8 563 inhabitants


6 531 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

47.24950, 18.89533

Height of settlement centre

100- 120 m


Ercsi lies in Fejér County, along Main Road 6, south from Százhalombatta. From the capital it can quickly be approached on Motorway M6 and on the Budapest-Pusztaszabolcs suburban-type railway line. It has a frequent bus connection with Martonvásár, Százhalombatta and Dunaújváros. A ferry, too, operates in Ercsi, connecting the settlement with Szigetújfalu located on the opposite bank of River Danube.

In the village a monastery was built already in the 12th century and in the course of its history several monastic orders operated here. Nagyboldogasszony-kápolna (Chapel of Virgin Mary) standing on the bank of the Danube and built in 1828 is a famous place of pilgrimage. This is where the author and statesman, Baron Eötvös József, who spent his childhood in Ercsi, at the estate of his grandparents, is buried. At the northern boundary of the city there is a spring with fresh water over which a chapel was erected around 1200. It was a favourite place for the sailors and trackers of the Danube to have a rest, so for sailors it has become the place of worship.

Eötvös József Emlékmúzeum (Eötvös József Memorial Museum) commemorates the first minister of culture of Hungary. The museum was developed in the guest house belonging to the family palace. In addition to the memories that can be related to Eötvös József, a continuously expanding library and data store await thousands of visitors every year. The other institute fostering the traditions of Ercsi is the local historical collection. Its two permanent exhibitions are "History of Ercsi - Old trades in Ercsi" and "History of the Ercsi garrison". This latter preserves the memory of the recently terminated barracks with a great past. The city sports hall having a hand-ball field and a swimming pool is available for those visiting Ercsi and wishing to do some sports. A horse club engaged in teaching, horse-riding and travelling in a horse-carriage also operates in the settlement. In bad weather horse riders can withdraw from the open air to the covered riding hall.