Settlement name



2 053 inhabitants


3 194 ha

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

46.88075,  18.96245

Height of settlement centre

95- 100 m


Apostag is located between Dunavecse and Solt, right along Road 51, in Bács-Kiskun county. Both the Dunaújváros and the Dunaföldvár bridges are within a short reach, granting the settlement good accessibility from Trans-Danubia. By rail, Apostag may be reached taking a train along the Kunszentmiklós–Tass–Solt–Dunapataj line.

Prehistoric finds attest to the fact that the village and its vicinity have been populated since times well before the Hungarian Conquest. The archaeological finds uncovered in the area, which include a Celtic bracelet with hollow, bean-shaped ornamentation, are on display in the National Museum. The village was named after its original church, which had murals with Greek inscriptions that depicted the apostles, and which, up until 1805, stood at the place of the current Reformed church. Another gem of Apostag’s sacred heritage is its baroque synagogue, which was built in 1768. By the 20th century, the synagogue had completely lost its original function and was at the brink of irreversible disintegration when it was eventually renovated. Of humble appearance externally but richly decorated inside with stucco, murals, and beautifully shaped columns, the building, once fully reconstructed to its original state, was awarded the prestigious Europa Nostra prize in 1989. Today, the building is home to the Village House, the library, and a memorial museum created in honour of Kossuth prize winning writer Lajos Nagy, who was born in the settlement.

A short stroll takes the visitor from the village to the bank of the River Danube. With its islands and meandering branches, the river offers excellent angling opportunities–and so do the Malom Stream (“Mill Stream”) and the Betlehem Channel located between Apostag and Újsolt. These two watercourses are regularly restocked with fish. Each year, Apostag organises Lajos Nagy Memorial Days, a photo and slide exhibition from the work of people living with physical disabilities, and Jewish Cultural Days. For 15 years now, the village has been hosting the National Christian Pop Music Festival or LADIK Festival.

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