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Location (county, municipality)


Sotin is a village in Vukovar-Srijem County, located some 10 km south-east from Vukovar, on the river bank of the Danube and on the route Vukovar-Ilok. In administrative sense Sotin is a part of the town of Vukovar. Population is 969 (2001) (335 households).


Historical background and development


Being a part of the Vukovar area, Sotin has also been populated throughout the period of five thousand years. Remains have been found from the cultures of the New Stone Age (Neolithik), but also of the late Bronze Age and Old and Young Iron Age. Sotin is the centre of the well-known Vučedol culture. The name Sotin was mentioned for the first time in a document of the Wiener Captol in 1289. One of the most important Roman sites in the country is in Sotin, presenting the fortification Cornacum, which was built by the Romans as a border against barbarian tribes, after conquerors conquered these areas.


Current situation (Economy, public institutions, tourism advantages, etc.)


Economy of Sotin is based on agriculture, viticulture and wine production.

The village of Sotin has almost all infrastructures: a primary school, primary health care, a post office, etc. We now have good traffic connections, being situated on the road Vukovar-Ilok and on the way toward the Serbian cross. Sotin is a small picturesque settlement on the Danube, with wonderful sites for relaxation.


Tourism attractions by importance (emphasis on sports related to the river Danube; monuments, events, hiking, cycling, eco-tourism)


Sotin is the first settlement after Vukovar on the road to Ilok. It is known from the Italian period as a Roman fortress Cornacum. One should stop by in the Church of St. Mariahilfer, where its miracle painting is exhibited. As the church in Sotin was fully destroyed during the Homeland war, this painting is currently in Đakovo.

The cycling route Danube connects the towns of Vukovar and Ilok,. On its way it passes over Sotin, Opatovac, Mohovo, Šarengrad to the hotel “Dunav“ in Ilok, which is the final destination of the cycling route Danube.

An event presenting cultural associations has been held for nine years in a row under the name “Pjesmom i kolom kroz Sotin” (Songs and dance.

There are no restaurants in Sotin, but there are two local bars that can be used to make a break. Regulated river banks are suitable for fishing, walks, recreation.


Tourism and accommodation


In Sotin there is no registered accommodation facility. Tourists can use accommodation facilities in Vukovar and Ilok.