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82 m

Location (county, municipality)


Šarengrad is a village in Vukovar-Srijem County, situated on the river bank of the Danube. It is eight kilometres away from Ilok, where it also belongs in administrative sense. It lies on the route Vukovar - Ilok. Population is 838 (2001).


Historical background and development


Šarengrad is a village of long history, which can be confirmed by the fortress (Athya, Croatian Voćin) above the village and the river bank, which was built by ban Morovićki (15th century), and some time later he also built the gothic church and monastery of St. Peter and Paul. Some information indicates that a templar monastery was on that very location already in the 11th century.

After the fortress and the monastery were built, a settlement developed along – Voćin, which is mentioned for the first time in 1481. After Morović, Šarengrad was ruled by different noble families: Gereb de Wingarth, Perenyi. The Turks ruled Šarengrad in the period 1526-1688. After the Turks left, Franciscans returned and in the 17th century they built a monastery in the baroque style. It was then that the Croatian population started to populate this area gain. The village was ruled by the count of Eltz. The name of Šarigrad was first mentioned in 1736, and the old name Voćin is forgotten.


Current situation (Economy, public institutions, tourism advantages, etc.)


Šarengrad used to be a village of rich agricultural producers, fishermen and craftsmen. After the Homeland war and exodus, economic activities have to be restored.

Economy of Šarengrad is based on agriculture, viticulture and wine production. There are a few craftsmen (fishermen, carpenters, coopers).

Šarengrad has almost all necessary infrastructures, which were reconstructed after reintegration: a primary school, a post office, primary health care, kindergarten, playgrounds, etc. It has good traffic connections (on the road Vukovar-Ilok). In Šarengrad there is a football club, tennis club, etc.

As well as other settlements between Ilok and Vukovar, Šarengrad is situated between the slopes of Fruška gora and the river bank of the Danube. Its special beauty comes from a beautiful landscape: Gothic church tower and monastery on one side and the wide Danube river on the other side. Among them roofs of houses can be seen.




Tourism attractions by importance (emphasis on sports related to the river Danube; monuments, events, hiking, cycling, eco-tourism)


Tourism attraction of Šarengrad consists of the fortress above the village and the river bank (15th century), Gothic church and Franciscan monastery of St. Peter and Paul, as the best preserved medieval monastery in the country, which has been given to Carmelite sisters and now it is a Carmel of St. Joseph. As the Carmelite sisters have not returned to Šarengrad after the Homeland war, the monastery has been given to the Christian Community Cenacolo for use.

The cycling route connecting the towns of Vukovar and Ilok passes through Šarengrad.

Near Šarengrad there is also a river island Šarengradska ada, which used to be a part of Croatia in ex-Yugoslavia, but Yugoslavian army occupied the island and is still there. The island is currently available to local population only for swimming and relaxation purposes. This island is of great importance for all inhabitants, because before the war they used to let hundreds of animals (cows, pigs, horses and other animals) graze on the island. Also, Ada was an important ornithological reserve, a reserve of the fallow deer, and the largest spawning of carp in Europe. This all means that Šarengradska ada is suitable for sport and recreational purposes, fishermen, hunting, relaxation, boat riding, etc.

Šarengrad is also one of the points where the Regatta of Peace makes a break, navigating in boats, starting in Batina and ending in Ilok, promoting continental tourism and beauties of the Danube.

Every year in June traditional Šarengrad days take place, a folklore and cultural event.

There is also a promenade along the Danube and playgrounds for beach volleyball.

In the village centre there is a monument to victims of the Homeland war.

There are no restaurants in Šarengrad, but its maintained river bank of the Danube and artificial lake are suitable for fishing, boat riding, swimming recreation, relaxation.


Tourism and accommodation


There are no registered accommodation facilities in Šarengrad. Tourists can use accommodation facilities in the town of Vukovar and Ilok.

Situated at the bank of the river Danube, a family farm, Kapetanova kuća, offers a wide range of products and services: food and drinks, ride in traditional boats, rent of fishing gear, bike, etc.


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