32 km2

Administrative status


Location of  settlement centre


Height of  settlement centre

93 m

Location (county, municipality)


Aljmaš is one of the four settlements of the municipality of Erdut, Osijek-Baranya County. Its location is 27 km from the towns of Osijek and Vukovar. Aljmaš is situated on the slopes of Dalj planina, on the right bank of the river Danube. The population is 645 (260 households). Some of the nearby settlements include: Aljmaška Planina, Čauševac, Dravsko Ušće and Hrastovo Polje.


Historical background and development


Aljmaš dates back to the year 1327. During the Middle Ages population was mostly involved in activities related to trade and crafts. Aljmaš was populated by the Croats in the 17th century. In the centre of the village there is the parish Church of the Lady of Sanctuary, which was built in 1708, destroyed during the war in the 90-ties, and reconstructed after the reintegration process. Aljmaš is also a famous Marian shrine, “Shrine of the Lady of Sanctuary in Aljmaš. Since 1704, tens of thousands of worshippers from both the country and abroad regularly visit Aljmaš on the day of the Lady of Assumption. The village is also known for attractive weekend settlements as well as rural, hunting and fishing tourism.

Aljmaš was occupied during the Homeland war and reintegrated in the Croatian territory in 1997.


Current situation (Economy, public institutions, tourism advantages, etc.)


The economy of Aljmaš is based on agriculture, viticulture and wine production, tourism and small-sized entrepreneurship. All necessary infrastructures can be found here: a local school, a dispensary, a post office, a tourist board of the municipality of Erdut, etc.

In addition to attracting a great number of pilgrims, Aljmaš is also interesting for tourists, fishermen primarily, especially those from Osijek who come on a regular basis over the weekends and also during the work days.     


Tourism attractions by importance (emphasis on sports related to the river Danube; monuments, events, hiking, cycling, eco-tourism)


Aljmaš has been a well-known Marian shrine since 1704, usually visited by a great number of worshippers on the day of the Lady of Assumption. Church of the Lady of Assumption, with the statue of the Mother of God, was built in 1864. The old church was destroyed in the war and a new one was built in a modern architectural style. Over 100,000 pilgrims and tourists visit Aljmaš every year.

Important route in the area of the municipality of Erdut is the route Aljmaš-Erdut. This is a tourism area which needs to recover its earlier significance as an excursion and fishing destination.

Also, the Live Nativity event has been held during the Christmas holidays for three years in a row. Many visitors come here to honour Christmas in a special atmosphere.

Construction of a passenger port in Aljmaš has been included in the plans of Osijek-Baranya County. It should be used for accepting tourists from cruisers of European travel agencies which are engaged in the marketing of tourist attractions on the Danube. Construction of this port will encourage tourism development in this part of Osijek-Baranya County.

The wine route of Erdut wine-growing area also goes through Aljmaš. Wine lovers can visit two wineries/tasting rooms here.

There is also a proposal to include the slopes of Aljmaš planina into the list of protected natural areas.


Tourism and accommodation


There are nine registered family farms providing accommodation services to tourists (around 30 beds). Accommodation capacities of the towns Osijek and Vukovar are also available.