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Veľké Kosihy




2426 ha

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47.461238, 17.532547

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Veľké Kosihy is a village in Rye Island, in southwestern Slovakia, in the district of Komárno. It lies on the Danube Plain, on the left bank of the Danube, 21 km southwest of Komárno. The village is easily accessible from Komárno with suburban services. The nearest railway station is in Okoličná na Ostrove, 3 km away.

The settlement as a property of the Považská Bystrica and Komarno castle was  already mentioned in the 13th century. At the end of the 13th century there were already two municipalities mentioned with the same name Malé Kosihy and Veľké kosihy.

Later it was the property of several yeomen (Csúzy, Pannonhalma Abby and others). Part of the village called Arcibiskupský Lél was mentioned as early as 1075. It was the seat of one of the four archbishop’s estates, which were joined intro one and assumed the name Vojka nad Dunajom in the 16th century. After the demise of the village in the seventies of the 20th century, an originally Romanesque church of the 11th century, devastated by the Turks and later rebuilt in the 19th century became the subject of vandalism, its ruins were rehabilitated in 1993. In the territory of the village are two National Nature Reserves: Dérhídja and Trstiny.


  • Manor house of the family Zámory – Late Neo-Classical building from 1859.
  • Manor house of the family Goldschmied from 1927.
  • The Reformed church – Neo-classical, buil in 1819.
  • The Roman Catholic church of St. John Nepomuk in the first years of the 21st century - using the collected original church building material. The church is located in the village Arcibiskupský Lél.

There are pubs and food shops in the village.


Veľké Kosihy
Veľké Kosihy
Veľké Kosihy