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1861 ha

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47.463476, 17.475414

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Trávnik is a village in Rye Island, in southwestern Slovakia, in the district of Komárno. It lies on the Danube Plain, on the left bank of the Danube, 27 km west of Komárno and 13 km south of Veľký Meder. The village is easily accessible from Komárno and Veľký Meder with suburban services. The nearest railway station is in Zemianska Olča, 6 km away. It was mentioned in 1216 for the first time as property of the Benedictine monastery of Pannonhalma. The abbot Stephen promoted the people of Trávnik for their loyal military service to the estate of the church aristocracy in 1383. The village became an independent yeoman seat to 1851.In the past the inhabitants lived off farming including cattle and horse raising. The closeness of Danube and smaller-larger lakes around the village endeared fishing with the locals. Characteristic was also gold-washing from the Danube. The natural setting around the Danube is wonderful. A remarkable peat bog with protected plant species is situated north of the village.


  • The Roman Catholic church of St. Benedikt – built in 1762, rebuilt in taste of the Neo-Classical style in 19th century.
  • The Neo-Classical manor house (mentioned as a monastery, where the estate administration of the Pannonhalma abbey in Trávnik and parsonage were located) – built in 18th century
  • The village contains several well-preserved houses from the mid-19th century and typical village wells.

There are pubs and food shops in the village.