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Kúpalisko Patince

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47.442110, 18.171674

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Patince is a village in Slovakia in the district of Komárno. It lies on the Danube Plain, on the left bank of the Danube, 10 km east of Komárno. The village is easily accessible from Komárno with suburban services. The nearest railway station is in Komárno, 10 km away.

Patince is archaeological site settled since the Neolithic era. The village originated in 1957 by separation from Marcelová. In the past it was owned by Komárno Castle. In the second half of the 16th century the Turks destroyed it. It formed again around the Pálffy estate in the 18th century.

Patince is known mainly for its hot springs. Patince village belongs to the area with a warm climate, characterized by mild weather and not too high temperatures. Winters in this locality are of a warmer and drier character, with longer sunshine – more than 1500 hours during the vegetation period. Many Slovak and foreign tourist have for many decades been attracted by recreational area, which is located approximately 2 km from Patince village, for its thermal open air pools, recreational, tourist and cyclist facilities in the surrounding nature. In the vicinity of the village there are three mineral springs, which contain high degree of hydro carbonates, calcium, magnesium and disulphates. The temperature of thermal spring which can be found in this area is 27 °C and it has favorable effects on locomotion system and diseases related to them. The thermal spring in Patince and its surroundings (0.5 ha) were proclaimed a protected zone in 1953. Outdoor relax pool with toboggan, swimming pool for children and playground for children can also be found in the recreational area. Apart from pools, visitors can use artificial lake with the total surface of 14 ha, which is a place for water sports, boating, water bicycles riding and, moreover, it also serves for those who like fishing. Those who like sports can use modern sport fields: there are beach volleyball, mini golf and tennis courts in the area.


-      Thermal bath

-      The Roman Catholic church situated on its edge, it was restored in 1776 and its facade changed in the late 19th century

There is a hotel, pensions, apartments, chalets, private accommodations, restaurants, pubs and food shops in the village.