Kravany nad Dunajom


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Kravany nad Dunajom




1588 ha

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47.455216, 18.290001

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Kravany nad Dunajom is a village in Slovakia in the district of Komárno, located in the southeastern part of the Danube plain, on the left bank of the Danube. It lies 33 km east of Komárno. The village is easily accessible from Komárno with suburban services. The nearest railway station is in Mužla, 10 km away.

In the administrative territory of the village, which was settled as early as the Neolithic period, Roman settlement was also discovered. The first written reference to the village is from 1245 under the name Korwa. The local yeoman families owned it. In 1300 when it existed under the name Kysseukorva it was destroyed by Matúš Čák, and by the Turks in the 16th century. The villagers were mostly farmers and cultivated fruit trees and grapes. Mills were also a common phenomenon and in 1876 a society dedicated to anti-flood measures was founded here.

The romantic coast of Danube with clean beaches attracts many foreigners, not just the local population. Danube flows here slowly and reaches its greatest width in Slovakia. Besides the historic monuments, natural treasures and great wine Kravany nad Dunajom offers You mainly its typical hospitality.


-      The originally Late Romanesque Roman Catholic church of the Virgin Mary from the mid-13th century, it was later adapted in the Baroque taste

-      Around the local manor house, the former summer residence of businessman Gustáv Lang is a historic park founded by the end of the 19th century. It contains some precious wood species. The present appearance of the manor house is the result of the reconstruction after 1926, when individual buildings were connected into one with two lateral wings, with a well and another building in the yard which contains technological equipment.

-      Sarvassy castle, today a building of the agricultural high school in Karva

-      Botka mansion, situated in the outside of the village and Works as an agricultural holding

-      Kosztics yeoman mansion, which since 1935 belongs to the family Hross – located on the Danube embankment.

There are pubs and food shops in the village.


Kravany nad Dunajom
Kravany nad Dunajom
Kravany nad Dunajom