Klížska Nemá


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Klížska Nemá




1195 ha

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47.450747, 17.491206

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Klížska Nemá is a village in Rye Island, in southwestern Slovakia, in the district of Komárno. It lies on the Danube Plain, on the left bank of the Danube, 28 km west of Komárno and 17 km south of Veľký Meder. The village is easily accessible from Komárno and Veľký Meder with suburban services. The nearest railway station is in Zemianska Olča, 9 km away.  Next to the river Danube in the village there is a river cargo port.

Today the village has its origins in Slavic - Avar period. It was first mentioned in 1226 – property of Komárno Castle. Later it passed into the hands of local aristocracy: Kolos, Vas, Désy, Lossonczy. Part of the village belonged from the middle age to the Benedictine monastery in Pannonhalma.

The village was always known for gold-washing and an old-year tradition of fishing and folklore. Its peasant houses represent a rare evidence of 19th century folk architecture. In the village there is gravel, which operates as a pond for carp and other fish species. In the territory of the village is a Protected Natural Area Hôrka.


-      The Reformed church – this baroque church was built in 1794 by extending ships to the original Romanesque rotunda from the 12th century. Rotunda is the most noted monument of its kind in the whole area of southern Slovakia.

-      The Roman Catholic church of the Holy Angels Guardians – built in 1884

-      The Neo-Classical curia of the family Zámory – originally Late Baroque building, built in the 18th  century, rebuilt in taste of the Neo-Classical style in 19th century.

There is pub and food shop in the village.


Klížska Nemá
Klížska Nemá
Klížska Nemá
Klížska Nemá