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Health Tourism

  • spa, wellness services, open air swimming pool:

City beach „Lido“: http://www.foto-enterijer.info/htmlov3/image13.htm

Cultural Tourism

  • Cultural and historical monuments

Gardosh Tower – Millenium tower: http://www.kulanagardosu.com/sr/obilazak_kule

List of cultural sites and resources in Zemun: http://www.zemun.rs/cms/o-zemunu/kultura/kulturna-dobra

  • Sacral monuments


  • Theatres

The Puppet Theatre “Pinokio”: http://www.ptpinokio.com/

Opera and Theatre Madlenianum: www.madlenianum.rs

  • Museums, galleries and exhibitions


Zmun Home Museum: http://www.tob.co.rs/sr-lat/see_in.php?id=7616

  • Regular cultural programmes


International festival of monodrama and pantomime: http://www.festmono-pan.org.rs/

International Salon of Caricature in Zemun: http://zemun-cartoon.co.rs/

Festival of folk arts in Zemun: http://www.srbija.travel/

„Summer on the river shore”: http://www.danubeogradu.rs/2011/07/leto-na-keju-2011/

Eco tourism, excursions

Travel tour of the Old Zemun: http://www.tob.co.rs/sr-lat/citypass_in.php?id=113

Cruise on the Danube – From Zemuna to Sremski Karlovaci: http://www.panacomp.net/ture?mesto=krstarenje%20dunavom

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Grb Zemuna

Settlement name


Population (city)

145 751 inhabitants

Area (city)

153.56 km2 

Administrative status

Municipality, city of Belgrade

Location of settlement centre

44° 50′21“N  , 20° 24′02“E

Height of settlement centre

82 m


Zemun is the city of Danube, boats and yachts. This small town is nowadays integral part of Belgrade – capital of Serbia, while in the past, for a few centuries it was the bordering city, located at the border between Turkey and Austrian- Hungaria. Zemun’s dock, built in 1889 is one of the most beautiful promenades on the Danube. The old city core and the Millennium tower on Gardos, when observed from the river offer an extraordinary panoramic view.

Tower at the top of Gardos was built by Hungarians on the occasion of 1000years of sovereignty in 1896. Bellow the tower here are ruins of the middle ages fortress, while in tower basis there is an authentic entity of the old city core with many preserved buildings. Karamata` s house from 1772, in a late baroque style is a treasury where the original furniture and precious art-paintings from the XVIII and XIX century are guarded. Domicile Museums of Zemun is placed in Spirta family structure built 1840 in style of romantic and pseudo gothic. Tower with sunny clock was built in 1823 in empire style. Icko` s house in Bezanijska street was built in 1793 and it represents the transition period from the late baroque into classicism.

Zemun is decorated by the towers of Orthodox churches among which the most important ones are: Nikolajevska church from 1752 in baroque style where there is an icon with all sorts of river fishes, the Church of the Holy Archangel Gavrlo constructed in 1786 by Salesman Teodor Tosa Apostolovic, Madonna` s church in a late baroque from 1780, Harish Church of saint Dimitrie erected by family Petrovic-Haris and with iconostasis made by Pavle Simic and the Church of the Holy Trinity in Gornja varos from 1842.

Franciscan monastery built in 1739 suffered damage being destroyed by the fire in 1790, and afterwards it was rebuilt in construction which lasted until 1839. The Roman Catholic Church Sveti Roko was built in 1836 at the place of a previous chapel from the XVIII century, while the County Church as constructed from 1785 to 1795 in ampere style with baroque elements.

Zemun is well known by its restaurants where specialties of river fish and grilled meats are prepared by the skilled cooks.  

Decoration of this part of the Danube is The large War Island where on its upper end here is a big arranged beach called Lido. Although being next to the large city with two million inhabitants this island which spreads from Zemun to the confluence of the river Sava, has the intact nature with resorts of very rare bird species.

Source: www.zemun.rs