Veliko Gradište


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Health Tourism

  • spa, wellness services, open air swimming pool:

Aqua park at Srebrnom Lake:

Cultural Tourism

  • Regular cultural programmes

Carevčevi dani – music event dedicated to Vlastimiru Pavloviću Carevcu:,serbian_lat/

Eco tourism, excursions

SILAFEST – International Festival of Tourist and environmental film:,serbian_lat/

Cruise on the Danube:,serbian_lat/

Tours and excursions - tours of famous sites:,serbian_lat/

Gastro tourism

Jepurijada – competition in cooking stew of wild hare:,serbian_lat/

Pasuljijada – competition in preparing beans:,serbian_lat/

Fishermen nights – competition in making fish soup:,serbian_lat/


Sailing on the Danube Zatonje:,serbian_lat/

Fishing in the pond Zatonje:,serbian_lat/

Paragliding on Zatonje:,serbian_lat/

Beach volleyball in a city park in the Veliko Gradište:,serbian_lat/

Kitesurfing on Zatonju:,serbian_lat/

Sailing on the Srebrnom Lake:,serbian_lat/

Kitesurfing on Srebnom Lake:,serbian_lat/

Tennis courts at Srebrnom Lake:,serbian_lat/

Wakeboarding and water skiing on Srebnom Lake:,serbian_lat/

Other Services

  • Police

  • pharmacy shop

  • doctor’s office

  • post office

  • tourist information bureau





Settlement name

Veliko Gradište

Population (town)

5,658 inhabitants

Area (municipality)

344 km2

Administrative status

Town, municipality

Location of settlement centre

44°45′N, 21°31′E

Height of settlement centre

74 m



Veliko Gradšte is an important passengers and cargo port with Port authorities’ office and customs office as well. Next to pontoon for ships docking, there is a duty free shop. Well supplied green-market, fuel station and a majority of shops are a good reason to get your supplies here.

The most important facilities are situated right next to the promenade along the Danube: Crkva Svetog Arhangela Gavrila (the Orthodox Church of the Saint Archangel Gavrilo), High School, City Assembly building and Zadužbina Save Obradovića (Foundation of Sava Obradović), what is today a city library.    Downstream from Veliko Gradište, there is a confluence of the golden bearing river Pek, at 1057 km. Rinsing of gold in the past was a very profitable business, and today it is mainly a tourist attraction.

Veliko Gradište is located in the foothills of the Carpathian and Homolje Mountains, embraced by the blue Danube and golden Pek. By the highway Belgrade- Djerdap, is 110 km away from Belgrade, at 81 m above sea level. It was built on the remains of Roman fortifications Pinkum. The remains of fortifications from the first century AD are inquiring spirit and imagination. Traces of military fortifications, a wealthy merchant and mining town, still can be found on the banks of the river Pek. Traces of military fortifications, a wealthy merchant and mining town, still can be found on the banks of the river Pek.

It is interesting to say that Veliko Gradište was one of the first settlements who get electricity. Even back in 1908th, there was established Electric Company of Veliko Gradište, whose founders a few years later built a power plant on the River Pek.

The old part of the settlement has rich ornamentation of the nineteenth century facade, the church of St. Archangel Gabriel, high school building, public library and customs, which are nostalgic frame in which a dynamic pulsating rhythm of modern life. Numerous events, museum exhibitions and expositions, art colonies, sports and fishing contests are only one part of the rich cultural and entertaining programs that stay in Veliko Gradiste and representing exceptional experience.

Downstream from Veliko Gradiste is the confluence of the gold-bearing River Pek on the 1057th kilometer. Rinsing of gold was once a lucrative business, nowadays is primarily a tourist attraction

Srebrno jezero (Silver Lake) is a huge tourist complex with large arranged beach, hotel, majority of restaurants and sport terrains. The lake was created by partitioning of Danube branches and is 14km long and 300 meters wide. Right coast of the lake is turned into an almost 1km long promenade. Along the promenade there are a lot of fast-food restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, post office and arranged camp. There is a possibility to rent small rowing boats and boats with pedals. The lake is a favorable location for fishing and there was caught a carp which had 44 kg (entered into the Guinness book of records), and frequently one can fish a really extraordinary capital samples of catfish. Nearby the lake there is a hotel Srebrno jezero, and a dozen smaller     private dependences.



Veliko Gradište