Stari Slankamen


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Settlement name

Stari Slankamen


674 inhabitants

Area (Indija municipality)

384 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 08‘24"N, 20° 15‘ 36"E

Height of settlement centre

80 m



In the European history StariSlankamen is known as the battlefield of Slankamen battle in 1691, when Turkish army was defeated by LudvigBadenski and compelled to escape towards Zemun. Under the command of Jovan Monasterlija, 10000 Serbs also took part in this battle. In the memory of victims in 1892, 12m high monument with verses of poet Jovan JovanovicZmaj was erected.

                At this place of today`s settlement, in Roman times there was a fortification called Acumincum, while in the Middle Ages, as from 1071, Slankamen was mentioned as a fortified city. According to the disposition of the Belgrade Peace made between Turkey and Austria and signed in 1738, the fortress on a hill was demolished with a plan, but even today there is a part of the walls still existing. The Orthodox Churchof Sveti Nikola(SaintNicolas) was built by VukGrgurevic, better known as YmajOgnjeniVuk in 1501, and additionally built n the XVIII century. The fresco Tri jerarha from the XV century is preserved.

                The place has a mineral spring and spa with the swimming-pool. On the left bank across StariSlankamenthere s the confluence of the river Tisa which is born in the Romanian part of Charpatian Mountains. The river Tisa is navigable until its confluence in length of 686km, out of which 164km is through Serbia. Along the river there are plenty of interesting places in Vojvodina as well as in Hungary. Along the Tisa River, the first large place is Titel located at 10km. 



Stari Slankamen
Stari Slankamen
Stari Slankamen
Stari Slankamen
Stari Slankamen
Stari Slankamen