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Settlement name

Stara Palanka


837 inhabitants


32, 7 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

44° 51‘N, 21° 20‘E

Height of settlement centre

74 m


Stara Palanka is a tourist and fishing place on the Danube, far from the Bela Crkva, 12 km. On Palanačka Island are the remains of the Austrian fortress from the fifteenth century. On the opposite coast, over the Danube area, rises an old, but yet well preserved, imposing Turkish fortress Ram, also built in the fifteenth century. So, also this fortress can be reached by ferry.

At the entrance to the Old Palanka is a monument to fallen soldiers in the war against Turks in 1788th. The monument is built of gray limestone.

Stara Palanka is, in general, an attractive tourist destination, especially because of natural habitat of many rare and protected species of birds, called Swan pane. Swan pane hunting ground includes 2500 hectares of swampy terrain coast, islands and the Danube River. The richness of the fish stock is best illustrated by the presence of a large number of birds that feed on fish: herons, eagles and cormorants. This is a place with a high concentration of birds throughout the year, especially at a time when other rivers and ponds freeze. That is why there is no ice here- there is no opportunity to "close" the water, because numerous bird wings held unfrozen pane. Stara Palanka in its entirety is intended for the formation of the recreation center through a marina project on the Danube (hotels, resorts, restaurants, sports fields and facilities for the development of elite tourism). All trips on the Danube or organized expeditions begin and end right here.



Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka
Stara Palanka