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Settlement name

Sremska Kamenica


11205 inhabitants


30,2 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 13‘14"N, 19° 50‘ 21"E

Height of settlement centre

171 m


                Sremska Kamenica is a suburb of the city of Novi Sad, situated on the right Danube river bank. It is connected to the city by Sloboda bridge (Bridge of freedom) that was as all other bridges in Novi Sad destroyed in 1999 during the NATO bombing. Inhabitants were in both directions transported by ferries. In later stage, pontoon bridge was placed by the Petrovaradin fortress. Todays bridge is an authentic copy of the demolished one and its reconstruction was accomplished in 2005.

                For centuries Sremska Kamenica has been the centre of viticulture on the slopes of Fruska Gora. The story of the Turkish invasion on this place in 1527 is very interesting one. Defeat under the Turks was usually followed by burning of churches, monasteries and houses of prominent unbelievers. Here it is memorized by spilling out 7000 barrels of wine.

                In Eastern part from the settlement is Kamenica park and Marcibanji-Koraconji castle built in 1836 in classicall style with perminent paintingexhibition. Crkva rođenja Svete Bogorodice (The Church of Holly Madonna’s birth) was built in 1758. The iconostasis was made by Stefan Gavrilović.

                In the village centre, there is a house of famous Serbian poet JovanJovanović Zmaj who dedicated a large part of his work in writting poems for children. In the house there is the museum dedicated with items from the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century.

                For river fans and water- sports- fans the most important complex in Novi Sad is Ribasko ostrvo

(Fisherman’s island). Several nauthic and water-recreation clubs are placed on Danube river banks and its banch, that separates this island from crowded city boulevards. Island has numerous elite fish reastaurants and extravagant villas. Next to the arranged beach Štrand, there is the entrance into the branch. You canremain a couple of days stationing in some nautic clubs in the branch.For shorter stay it is necessary to have access to the dock of nautic rowing club Danubius 1885 that is situated in the open water. The ship docking, Port authorities, as well as Customs and boardering police officers are placed a couple of kilometres away.



Sremska Kamenica