Official Website: http://www.kovilj.rs/

Website Introducing the Settlement: http://sr.wikipedia.org/sr-el/%D0%9A%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%99


Cultural  Tourism

  • Sacral monuments

Monastery Kovilj:  http://www.kovilj.rs/manastir.html

Church of the Ascension: http://www.kovilj.rs/crkve.html

Small Orthodox Church:  http://www.kovilj.rs/crkve.html

The Catholic Church in Kovilj:  http://www.kovilj.rs/crkve.html

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Kovilj:  http://www.kovilj.rs/crkve.html

Eco tourism, excursions

Special Nature Reserve “Koviljski rit”:  http://www.kovilj.rs/rit.html

Gastro tourism

Rakijada Memorial service to mulberry“:   http://www.koviljskarakijada.co.rs/


Night Football Tournament:  http://www.kovilj.rs/turnir.html

Fishing in Koviljsko-petrovaradinski revir: http://www.kovilj.rs/ribolov.html

Hunting „Koviljski rit”: http://www.turizamns.rs/lovi-te-koviljski-rit/

Other Services

  • pharmacy shop


  • doctor’s office


  • post office


  • tourist information bureau



Accommodation in a čarda “Fazan” in Kovilj: http://www.381info.com/novi-sad/smestaj/carda-fazan



Settlement name



5599 inhabitants


105,1 km2

Administrative status


Location of settlement centre

45° 13‘24"N, 20° 01‘ 11"E

Height of settlement centre

89 m



Backa village Kovilj is on the left Danube bank, the easiest way to each it is to cross Beshka bridge and take a highway E75. At the reception of Bozic hotel you can arrange  a ride by boat through swampy area or ask for a transport by mini-bus. Monastery Kovilj can be eached though the canals in the swamp, but only in high water level and with a help of someone well introduced to the terrain. If there is the opportunity to visit Kovilj monastery by boat, you will live the unforgettable experience with nature. According to tradition Kovilj monastery was built by Sveti Sava ( Saint Sava ) with monks from Privina Glava monastery in Fruska Gora. It was renewed in the XVII century and today`s monastery church originates from the XVIII century and it is the foundation of Petar Andrejevic from Sremski Karlovci. New iconostasis was engraved by Jovan KIstner and painted by Aksentije Marodic.

                 In the village there are the native house of well known Serbian poet Laza Kostic and monument dedicated to volunteers from the WW I. Kovilj is the real lowland village with authentic houses and lenty of stoks` nests. Very famous Kovilj carda called Na kraj sveta ( At the end of the world ) is located just beside the swamp.

                One of the longest Danube branches is Gardinovacki dunavac. The branch leads to many other branches and swamps which create the unique treasury of nature around Kovilj and Gadinovci. The big herd of horses lives in intact nature of Krcedinska ada. This zone is he right thing foe ecologists and photo-safari fans. Waters in swamps and branches are rich in fish, especially in pikes fiched with baits and fake-baits.

                Along the right bank in Krcedin mountain there is the weekend-colony with two fish restaurants along the bank.

                Navigating downstream you reach thee lage river islands: Janda (along the right bank) and along the left one Locka ada and Velika ada ( Large ada ). Next to Janda island and in the area around Stari Slankamen there is a great number of groynes (cut of bund), so one must be very careful every time they put ashore.   


Source: www.kovilj.rs